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Jaxx shares a new visual that fans won’t see ‘Too Often’

Staying hungry and laser-focused on building his brand, Arizona-based singer-rapper Jaxx has managed to cultivate a sound completely his own.

Recently signing a major deal with RCA Records, Jaxx’s appeal lies within his affinity for using his voice as a catalyst for emotion. With high-pitched vibratos and glistening melodies oozing through his verses on tracks like “AM” and “Like This,” he’s simply been straight grinding in the studio. His latest track “Too Often” showcases his impressive vocal range and refined ability to create enduring harmonies that’ll leave listeners in awe.

While the track found much success right off the rip upon its release in early February, Jaxx shared the video for “Too Often” this past weekend alongside director Sam McGrath, bringing it fully to life with a colorful, eye-catching visual.

The video is an experimental artistic vision that fans won’t find “Too Often” anywhere else. At the beginning of the video, fans are warned of an epilepsy trigger due to bright flashing lights seen through its duration. Once the video kicks off, Jaxx is seen chilling in a white tile room with bright pink lights filling the air. Donning all-white and all-black outfits, he saunters and sings holding an umbrella while casually vibing to the track.

While Jaxx is still in the early stages of his career, he’s surely in good hands over at RCA Records as he continues to develop and expand his growing fanbase — slowly blossoming into the star he’s destined to be.

Watch the “Too Often” visual below!