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Jean Dawson’s ‘THREE HEADS*’ leads in upcoming album ‘CHAOS NOW*’

Rising alt-superstar Jean Dawson fed his fans well on Friday (Aug. 19). After a loose string of singles this past year, the Los Angeles native is finally ready to serve — and unleash — his third full-length project CHAOS NOW*.

Slated for release on Oct. 7, the LP’s announcement also brought forth its lead single “THREE HEADS*” — a symphony of beat switches, sultry guitar licks and “monstrous” vocals.

Produced and written by Dawson, Austin Corona, Wyatt Bernard, Nate Sherman and Ty Mayer“THREE HEADS*” is a triumph. Backed by pounding live drums, its nostalgic, groovy riffs flow seamlessly into Jean’s head-turning refrain. His versatility and confidence are glaring right from the get-go, as each “head” reveals itself one-by-one. Starting out strong and confident, Dawson seemingly loses his emotions, but remains firm in who he is — even if he’s had “Two heads chopped, I’m one now.”

I’m ridin’ ’til sundown

Sunset no fun now

Up now out to tomb two

Two heads chopped, I’m one now

Screwed up, neck holes, no nooses

What’s a pitchfork to a shooter?

What’s a villager to a monster

With a flame torch to a Judas?

“3 HEADS*” – Jean Dawson

Due to his notable use of asterisks, we can predict that his two previous singles in “PORN ACTING*” and “MENTHOL*” with Mac DeMarco will make an appearance on CHAOS NOW*. Dawson’s forthcoming album is also supported by a North American tour of the same title. The “Chaos Now* Tour” kicks off on Oct. 17 — just a week after the album’s release — and will feature 23 dates alongside the P&P-approved duo Junior Varsity. You can purchase tickets for the tour here.

Since dropping his 2020 debut LP, Pixel Bath, fans have been yearning for more of Dawson’s one-of-a-kind sound. Melding the true essence of rock, pop and hip-hop all at once, Jean is a special talent that is due to receive his flowers after CHAOS NOW* drops in October.

Watch the video for THREE HEADS* below!