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Jean Dawson, SZA stun on instant classic ‘NO SZNS’

“NO SZNS” isn’t just a defining mark of Jean Dawson’s greatness, but a testament to his success as an inimitable voice of a generation.

On the weekend where Summer officially turns to Fall, the changing of seasons is usually marked by cooler weather, shorter days and the imminent cheer of the holidays. However, it all feels the same for Jean Dawson, whose new single with SZA, “NO SZNS,” encapsulates change in its purest form — for better or worse.

“I decided I don’t like fall / I decided summer doesn’t feel the same anymore… All my fears died in the summer,” Dawson opens reflecting on his past and present. SZA sizzles with a lustful verse: “Pull up on me when it’s snowing / Got me feeling so important / Not that I need your warmth / All of the seasons, I want you.”

“In the spring, I can’t hear a thing… In California, we ain’t go no seasons, all the same to me,” sings both Jean and SZA on the hook, as both prolific artists trade turns crooning over grungy strings and gorgeous, ghostly swells. It’s not only hypnotic, but transformative — filled with luscious instrumentation that sees Dawson and SZA yearn for better days.

The visual, directed by Jean and his longtime collaborator Bradley Calder (who also directed SZA’s viral “Snooze” music video), depicts a coming of age story, chronicling the need to hold on to the pure innocence only felt in childhood as darkness envelopes each moment.

Interestingly, “NO SZNS” arrives off the back of SZA’s only other two recent features: Drake’s “Slime You Out” and Travis Scott’s “TELEKINESIS.” It’s not only a spectacular feat for Jean, but further proves his unmistakable talent and creative mind — even celebrated by a star as bright as the SOS songstress.

Dawson’s prior efforts include two brooding installments of a new sonic trilogy, dropping XCAPE and DESTRUCTION FOR DUMMIES (Aug. 17) under the guise of Phoneix and Nightmare. DFD and XCAPE arrived after Dawson’s latest full-length album, CHAOS NOW*, in October 2022, and preceded his headlining set at Lollapalooza this past year. His mainstream appeal is now undeniable, with Kai Cenat even reacting to the song live on stream.

There are three characters, each representing different facets of who I am. Phoenix is the one closest to me and the one I resonate with the most. It’s not about having multiple personalities; it’s about the parts of my psyche I tap into. Nightmare is the boy who made ‘Pixel Bath,’ while Phoenix made ‘CHAOS NOW*.’ The third character that hasn’t been named yet, created ‘Bad Sports.’ It’s all about giving them a voice for once.”

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Additionally, the 27-year-old singer is set to join Lil Yachty on the European leg of his Field Trip Tour,” which kicks off on Nov. 22 in Oslo and wraps on Dec. 17 in Vienna. He’ll also be opening for INTERPOL in Del Mar, California on Oct. 25-26 and then the Greek Theater in Los Angeles on Oct. 25.

Check out “NO SZNS” below!

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