Joony overcomes his ‘Silent Battles’ on new EP ‘Proud Of U’

Much like us, DMV-based crooner Joony has been fighting his own Silent Battles for quite some time.

Whether it’s experiencing the turmoil of relationships or seeming unfazed by it all, the 21-year-old enigma’s assertion as one of the most underrated artists in today’s underground scene can be summed up in one word: presence.

On first listen, the Maryland native is a beacon for entrancing melodies that seemingly seep into the soul. On the come-up as a versatile voice in the new wave — sitting at just over 52,000 Spotify monthly listeners — Joony triumphantly turned heads with his inimitable mixtape Silent Battles over the summer. Prior to its subsequent B-Side in Silent Battles Deluxe, he was featured on Brent Faiyaz’s unexpected DropBox release on “Paper Soldier” — introducing Joony to a slew of die-hard Faiyaz fans and music lovers alike.

Silent Battles Deluxe is where Joony truly shined as a defiant creative that carries a certain “out-of-the-box” energy — able to speak on the complexity of relationships with an unembellished look into his own vices. Enlisting the help of up-and-coming stars in Ty Fontaine on “Outta Town” and remixing “Milan” on KANKANs RR, Joony’s Silent Battles was a moment for the PG County native — becoming synonymous for blending his hypnotic, sultry R&B-centric voice to the confines of pluggnb.

As one of 2021’s unexpected breakout artists, Joony captivated fans once more on his latest project Proud Of U. Although released in October, the project continues to make waves due to this day as Joony’s recognition continues to take shape. While “WYA?” allowed Joony to reap the rewards of widespread playlisting, Proud Of U exists as a transparent mosaic of the laid-back personal nuances found within his sound.

Joony’s voice is perhaps his greatest strength — transporting listeners to an ethereal soundscape filled with lush keys, harmonious vocal chops and hard-hitting percussion of all kinds. Prolific and poised, the six-track project features atmospheric, winding production that Joony floats effortlessly over. His versatility on tracks like “Paper” and “Repetition” showcase his R&B influences shining to the fullest — paired with droning synths that lead into his woozy sing-rapping. “Step Move” and “Special” bolsters the star’s pluggnb efforts with unique drum patterns and flows — leaning into his rap prowess more in these cuts than on the entire project.

To Joony, love fleets in every form, as money, status and repentance seem to be underlying motives throughout the EP. Although abrasive at times, Joony’s wise beyond his years on Proud Of U. From smooth-flowing bars to instantly infectious melodies, Joony’s mark as an one-of-a-kind creative will continue to flourish on every future effort he shares.

Listen to Joony’s ‘Proud Of U’ below!

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