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Joyner Lucas, Lil Tjay come together for melodic track ‘Dreams Unfold’

While both Joyner Lucas and Lil Tjay are immensely successful rappers, they coexist in different lanes of the game.

Lucas has paved his way to success with thoughtful lyricism, a rugged attitude and particularly fast-paced bars. Tjay, on the other hand, reached stardom with his passionate auto-tuned crooning, catchy hooks and virality among our generation. However, the two East Coast artists came together on Wednesday (Aug. 25) for their new single “Dreams Unfold.”

Joyner first announced the song on his 33rd birthday Aug. 17, and its release eight days later was accompanied with carefree visuals. “Dreams Unfold’s” music video features the duo taking inspiration from 2000s childhood shows like Blue’s Clues and The Muppets — flipping the shows’ concepts on its head to essentially be negative influences for the children watching.

In the track, Joyner’s first verse is sandwiched by two renditions of the hook where he reaches into his singing bag — harmonizing his ferocious bars about fending off those who test him.

Keepin’ that blicky by my side

Tryna take my shit, you gon’ die

Nevеr try to come here, ’round hеre

And it’s a homicide

“Dreams Unfold” — Joyner Lucas, Lil Tjay

Lil Tjay ushers in his verse with moody humming to backend the track, quickly finding his pocket and riding the upbeat production, flexing with bars like:

Couple millions where I reside

Born to hustle, you see it in my eyes

Had a month where a couple niggas tried

But then I revised, for Bentley’s? I strive

“Dreams Unfold” — Joyner Lucas, Lil Tjay

Both Joyner Lucas and Lil Tjay have been relatively quiet in the past few months, as Lucas has only put out one other single in 2021: “Ramen & OJ” with Lil Baby. Since Tjay’s April album Destined 2 Win, he has only put out one other single, “The Jackie” with Bas and J. Cole, in early July.

Check out Joyner Lucas and Lil Tjay’s latest single “Dreams Unfold” below!