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KA$HDAMI gifts his fans a new EP for his 18th birthday

Since the start of the new decade, KA$HDAMI has been one of the youngest, yet most intriguing acts in the entire hip-hop underground. But now, the youthfulness he has always radiated may begin to transition into him being a veteran presence among his new wave peers.

The reason for this is because on Friday (Dec. 16), the DMV-bred star turned 18 years old, finally becoming a legal adult. Along with hitting the club, counting cash and taking trips to celebrate, DAMI also put out a brand new 6-song EP fittingly titled 18.

Releasing exactly three months after his debut studio album WORLD DOMINATION in September, it is clear that DAMI is putting his prime years to use, constantly working and developing his sound. Lasting only around 12 minutes with its singular feature being Matt OX on “SPIN!”, DAMI was able to link with some of Internet Money‘s finest producers like longtime collaborator Nick Mira, Cxdy and Census.

Earlier this year during an exclusive Q&A we conducted with DAMI, he explained how he felt people wrote him off because of his youth. “Because of my age, people love to discredit or downplay the impact and influence I and many of my peers have,” he said.

But now, as he marches toward the end of his teenage years, there’s not much haters can say to tarnish his continuously growing legacy. As another reminder of his massive impact on the bubbling underground, 18 once again proves DAMI’s relevance and importance as he commemorates another year around the sun.

Check out KA$HDAMI’s new EP below!