KayCyy’s ‘Flew By You’ asserts YZY newcomer’s arrival

During Kanye West’s DONDA listening event Aug. 6, one of the album’s more ethereal tracks “Keep My Spirit Alive” featured angelic vocals from a voice unheard by most.

That voice belongs to one of YZY SND’s inaugural signees KayCyy — who’s been working alongside West in the shadows for the past few years. Their connection stems from KayCyy’s manager Abou “Bu” Thiam, who also manages Kanye. Falling for his enlightening vocal range and ear-catching melodies, it didn’t take long for the two to collaborate regularly.

Building off 2020’s Patient Enough, as well as his last full-length project Ups & Downs, KayCyy’s YZY collaborations are now set to see the light of day — dropping the hard-hitting, airy single “Flew By You” amid Ye’s all-encompassing DONDA roll-out.

In a recent interview with Complex, the 24-year-old rising rapper elaborated on how his and Kanye’s relationship has grown over the course of their time together, along with a few sentiments about Ye’s YZY label.

“Every time Kanye would introduce me to people like Trav or Justin Bieber and all these people, he’d be, like, ‘Man, here’s my first artist out of YZY SND. It’s like the Yeezy School of Music. You’re going to learn something there, and you’re going to meet somebody important there. Everybody’s there for a reason.”

KayCyy to Complex

With that in mind, KayCyy has as good of a reason to be a part of YZY SND than anyone, as “Flew By You” is an unexpectedly robust introduction from one of hip-hop’s rising newcomers.

With his refined singing ability and shrill vocal cadence, KayCyy’s sound is original, unique and distinctly fitting for the new wave’s constant blend of singing and rapping. Under Kanye’s tutelage, KayCyy is on a clear path to stardom — especially when his upcoming album Who Is KayCyy? drops in September.

Garnering just over 13,000 monthly Spotify listeners, “Flew By You” is a near perfect example of what fans seek when striving to discover a new artist. With vocal variety, catchy melodies and production that uplifts with every passing pattern, KayCyy’s sound is not only organic, but inimitable. Striving to prove himself, Who Is KayCyy? looks to break loose of genre as fans can look forward to his upcoming debut with excitement.


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