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Lil Baby continues his feature marathon on Tay B’s ‘Rich All My Life’

Lil Baby has been absolutely relentless this year, dropping feature after feature with each passing week.

In the last month alone, he has appeared on two albums curated by some of our generation’s most influential artists: Kanye West and Drake. However, he keeps the ball rolling — finding ways to progress even after achieving of what some might say is the “pinnacle” of the rap game.

Tay B is the latest to receive the coveted Baby collaboration with his new single “Rich All My Life.” Tay’s emotional delivery and cadences speak of his intention to be smart with his money. Lil Baby then joins him over a wavy piano and electric guitar combo, flexing his financial savvy among other things.

Coming out of Detroit, Tay has been seeing continuous prosperity over the last year, recently dropping singles with Kash Doll and Lil Durk. Since he’s been integrated in the Detroit scene, Tay has been cooking up with Icewear Vezzo, 42 Dugg, Cash Kidd, Babyface Ray and more. As the city continues to see more love, his success is sure to follow.

Meanwhile, it’s unlikely this will be the last we see of Lil Baby this year. Between his features for artists — both big and small — on top of his own music, the man simply never stops working.

Listen to Tay B’s & Lil Baby’s “Rich All My Life” below!