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Lil Skies reunites with Landon Cube for ‘Play This At My Funeral’

In late 2017 and early 2018, Lil Skies was on a dominant run as one of the most consistent young rappers the game had to offer. This surge in popularity was thanks to his debut project Life of a Dark Rose, and singles from it like “Lust” and the intro “Welcome to the Rodeo.”

Additionally, two of the most viral hits from LoaDR were its third song “Red Roses” and the outro “Nowadays,” both featuring Maryland vocalist Landon Cube. Their chemistry was evident in these two tracks, as Skies’ higher-pitched crooning meshed with Landon’s rock-influenced throaty singing.

Up until now, their most recent collaboration had come in 2019 with “Nowadays Pt. 2,” the follow-up to their iconic song which landed on Skies’ album Shelby. Three years later though, the dynamic duo is back.

On March 25, Lil Skies released his new single “Play This At My Funeral,” a melancholic guitar-infused where Skies and Cube guilt trip the women in their lives that could potentially drive them to their respective demise.

“Know you wouldn’t show up to my funeral

You don’t wanna realize that it’s your fault

You leave me to die, but that’s the usual

Knew you wouldn’t stay there with me through it all

And I’m still speaking to you through this microphone

“Play This At My Funeral” — Lil Skies, Landon Cube

As a return to collaboration together, “Play This At My Funeral” sees a maturity in songwriting for both Skies and Landon, as they both reflect on the detrimental nature of their drug use and how exhausting it can be to be in their tax bracket.

In the music video for the track, each of them sulk at a church and cemetery, as the forlorn songs soundtracks their funeral.

The stark imagery and compelling vocals and beat selection from Lil Skies and Landon Cube make their newest collaboration a welcomed return from the twosome.

Check out “Play This At My Funeral” by Lil Skies and Landon Cube below!