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Lil Tjay, Fivio Foreign, Kay Flock are ‘Not In The Mood’ on their new single, visual

Just months after the release of his third studio album Destined 2 Win, Lil Tjay gifted fans with a fresh new single featuring some of New York’s finest. Recruiting drill specialist Fivio Foreign and NYC newcomer Kay Flock, Tjay channels his homegrown roots for his blistering new cut “Not In The Mood.”

With NYC’s sound current wave was popularized by the late-Brooklyn legend Pop Smoke, New York drill has become more popular than ever. Both Lil Tjay and Fivio Foreign were frequent collaborators of Pop — often teaming up for heavy-based, drill-inspired tracks.

Since bursting into the scene in 2018, Lil Tjay has continuously proven himself as one of the most respected and prominent stars out of NYC. He continuously rises up the ranks with new each song or project — showcasing his versatility on slow and melodic R&B tunes, or visceral, drill-infused tracks.

Fivio Foreign has assumed the mantle of king of New York drill since Pop’s passing — already having massive impact since the start of its wave. He rose to fame back in 2019 when he released “Big Drip“, which was eventually remixed by Lil Baby and Quavo. As for Kay Flock, the young Bronx-based talent continues to draw attention to his music and gain recognition as one of the new favorites out of New York.

“Not In The Mood” starts off with a smooth piano intro where Tjay hops on the track with an extremely catchy, melodic chorus that sets the ambitious mood for the song. Fivio Foreign goes bar-for-bar over the track’s heavy 808s and high-intensity production. Kay Flock enters the scene with authority as he brings an abundance of energy to the track with his distinctive raspy voice.

Really not in the mood right now

Hennessy got me boozed right now

Mama told me to stack my chips

Feelin’ like I can’t lose right now (Uh)

I see n***** keep playin’ these games

They must got us confused right now

Straight to the top, this ain’t never gon’ stop (Uh, huh)

I got somethin’ to prove right now (Yeah)

Lil Tjay – Not In The Mood

Its accompanying visuals find Tjay, Fivio, and Kay Flock linking up as they shut down the streets of New York with a large amount of people. They are seen all over the city, whether that be posted on their block, downtown in Times Square or at different parks around the city.

This flourishing drill joint is full of life, energy and personality fit for the trio. When Lil Tjay and Fivio Foreign link up, you know it’s going to be magic. Pop Smoke is definitely looking down and smiling at this one, as he watches two of his peers come together for a collaboration full of firepower.

Check out Tjay’s long-awaited single”Not In The Mood” below!