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Matt Ox drops off new single and trippy new visuals

16-year-old prodigy Matt Ox has been in his bag throughout 2021, as he keeps blessing fans with constant singles and immersive visuals.

Although the young Philly-based artist has been in the spotlight for four years now, he’s still extremely early in his career — yet, he continually proves to fans why he is worth their attention on his latest single and visual for “Universal.”

For “Universal,” Matt Ox teamed up with one of 2021’s hottest underground directors DotComNirvan. This isn’t the first instance of Matt and Nirvan linking up this year, as they have collaborated on “TAKE ADVANTAGE,” “Distorted” and more. Their chemistry between the two artists is very strong — further proving why each collaboration turns out better than the last.

“Universal’s” complementing video might be Nirvan’s most innovative visual yet. Perfectly executing on his trademark trippy visuals, fast cuts and vibrant colors, Nirvan creates a whole new universe for Ox to reside in.

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The video fits the title of the song perfectly. It looks as if Ox is taking a trip through space and time. Ox is seen floating through a colorful warp hole and sitting in a sphere-like object with surrounding windows. Nrivan’s eye-catching effects and flashy color animations are so fast and loud that there’s a warning at the beginning of the video indicating possible seizure and epileptic-like episodes.

Matt Ox’s 2021 has been nothing but spectacular. He has worked with some of the biggest up-and-coming stars and has been on a steady grind as he continuously cranks out a new track almost ever week. He has given fans more reason than ever to keep a steady eye on his work, as he diversifies his sound and expands his audience.

Check out Matt Ox’s “Universal” below!