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Meek Mill recruits Lil Uzi Vert for passionate cut ‘Blue Notes 2’

Meek Mill has been increasing the frequency and importance of his releases the past few months, starting with YouTube exclusive freestyles to now dropping official singles with marquee artists.

Last week (Aug. 27), he linked up with the “Voice” (Lil Durk) and the “Hero” (Lil Baby) for their single “Sharing Locations” that was months in the making. Now, Meek Mill released “Blue Notes 2” with fellow Philadelphia native Lil Uzi Vert on Sept. 1.

Just under four minutes long, “Blue Notes 2” is a sequel to the poignant eighth track from Meek’s 2016 mixtape DC4. Now, Meek channels that energy and adds a little more gumption to “Blue Notes 2,” inserting Uzi to bring more charisma to the song as well.

Produced by Nick Papz, official producer for Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers label who has landed placements on previous Meek projects, “Blue Notes 2” sees Meek come out firing to open the track with bars about his rap counterparts and enemies.

I’m not in competition with my homies

I’m whippin’ the competition and the Rollie

I know my opposition never knew me

They wouldn’t be opposition if they know me

“Blue Notes 2” — Meek Mill featuring Lil Ui Vert

Aside from a brief interjection by Lil Uzi Vert about his expensive aura, Meek dominates the first 75% of the song with trademark up-tempo flows and an aggressive performance. Uzi complements this momentum with a spirited delivery of his own on the fourth verse full of playful analogies.

I done pulled up with the presidential on my wrist and this bitch it like Hillary

I was just in the kitchen whippin’ Hannah Montana like my name was Billy Ray

“Blue Notes 2” — Meek Mill featuring Lil Ui Vert

The song’s music video sees the Philly natives unite and take over the streets riding dirt bikes and ATVs, having a blast and avoiding the law.

As the second single released by Meek in the past week, it is fair to assume he has something bigger in store for his fans soon. It has been over two months now since he tweeted that his next album was “97% done,” so a project could soon be arriving. Until then, stream Meek Mill’s new song “Blue Notes 2” with Lil Uzi Vert below.