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Meek Mill scores on ‘Sharing Locations’ with assists from Lil Durk, Lil Baby

Philly rapper drops new single amid anticipation for upcoming album.

Although Meek Mill has not released much official music in 2021, he’s still been spitting his heart out. Recently, he has come out with a barrage of freestyles in the past few weeks, as he sharpens his lyrical knife ahead of his upcoming album. Now, on Aug. 27, he released “Sharing Locations” with Lil Durk and Lil Baby, who have fortified themselves as a strong duo this year.

“Sharing Locations” features quaint, but impactful appearances from the “Voice” (Lil Durk) and the “Hero” (Lil Baby), as Meek Mill handles the majority of the bars on the track. The opening verse sees the trio go back and forth, each rapping about their quasi-relationships with women using basketball references.

I got a lil’ bitch from the hood

I call her, “Gang,” she don’t play with that bae shit

I be fuckin’ this NBA nigga bitch

‘Cause she know I ain’t ever gon’ say shit

New contract big like I play ball

Lil’ boy, I ain’t nothin’ to play with

“Sharing Locations” — Meek Mill featuring Lil Durk, Lil Baby

Durk offers a brief sung hook midway through the song and at the backend, which offers an enjoyable melodic break between the intense rapping from Meek Mill and company. The second verse is dominated by Meek after another quick exchange by the three, with him spitting about his flirtations and lavish lifestyle, while giving a nod to his companions on the track.

Shawty look perfect (Perfect)

Pussy was worth it, go get her some purses

My diamonds be hittin’ like we in a Versuz

We stickin’ together, this shit in a cursive

I’m fuckin’ with Durkio

I get like the jeweler with Baby, bought two anniversaries

Go to Atlanta to Copper Cove me (Brother)

Bad lil’ bitches all over me

“Sharing Locations” — Meek Mill featuring Lil Durk, Lil Baby

The song’s music video shows Meek, Durk and Baby hanging out with their fellow rap icons like Gunna and Young Thug, shooting dice and indulging in expensive activities.

The song was first previewed months ago in January by Meek on Instagram, as he mentioned he was awaiting Durk and Baby’s approval to release it.

Now that the song is released, Meek’s next steps are presumably to rollout his upcoming album, which he tweeted in late June was 97% complete.

Lil Durk and Lil Baby have already put out a collaborative album of their own in early June, and now “Sharing Locations,” as a presumed promotional single, is a step in the right direction for Meek Mill to do the same. Until then, check out their latest song below.