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midwxst links with DotCom Nirvan for new single ‘Ruthless’

Indiana-based artist midwxst is unapologetically himself — making emo-rap and hyperpop coexist effortlessly.

The 17-year-old rapper finds comfort in blending both genres’ strengths, ultimately placing him at the forefront of a core of young artists curating a sound all their own.

Garnering nearly 200,000 Spotify monthly listeners in under a year, it’s apparent why. Midwxst wears his heart on his sleeve — both in cadence and delivery. At times, there are moments where the singer-rapper feels like an aspiring XXXTENTACION or Juice WRLD, until staccato bleeps, fuzz-wah filters and distorted 808s showcase his brash mix of heartbreaking melodies and harmonious chaos.

On his breakout hit “Trying,” the Overcast directed video paints midwxst to be a love-torn teen battling through his emotions. Working with other teenage phenoms in glaive, aldn and ericdoa, midwxst’s appeal not only lies within his vibrant and boisterous production, but also in his introspective, emotional lyricism.

His latest album, SUMMER03, is a seven-track snapshot of his versatile sound, and on his new single “Ruthless,” midwxst continues to prove he’s certainly one to watch with his knack for genre-bending on full-display.

Connecting with DotCom Nirvan for the track’s visual, “Ruthless” is filled with melodic rapping, bouncy 808’s and tons of energy. Leaning into his emo-rap bag, midwxst braggadociously talks his talk throughout the entirety of the track, intertwining punchlines about leveling up his status, getting money and ultimately, having fun while doing it.

The accompanying music video further showcases his overall presence as an artist. He talks a massive game — backing it up with both catchy hooks and an overwhelming talent for creating feel-good music.

I know your girl love my music

She said all of my songs are amusing

Fuck a gun, no, I don’t need to use it

Goin’ crazy, I been goin’ stupid

Get on beats and I kill it, I’m ruthless

Leave ’em on the ground, we left ’em toothless

Showin’ guns off on Instagram live

But we all know that you will not use it

midwxst — “Ruthless”

While it’s exciting to witness this young, new wave of artists achieve such massive popularity at their age, midwxst doesn’t seem to let that get to his head. However, he takes a breather to celebrate his success — striving to stay “Ruthless” moving forward.