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Morray sings about ‘Momma’s Love’ on new single

Over the course of hip-hop history, many legends have made tracks that have paid homage to the women that raised them.

These mom-inspired cuts sometimes end up being among the best in their discographies, whether it be Tupac‘s “Dear Mama,” Kanye West‘s “Hey Mama,” J. Cole‘s “Apparently” or Drake‘s “Look What You’ve Done.”

On May 6, North Carolina native Morray took his own swing at a motherly anthem, appropriately dropping the track “Momma’s Love” on Mother’s Day weekend as a gift.

Over the instrumental provided by Buddah Bless — famed for hits he’s worked on like “OUT WEST” by JACKBOYS, Travis Scott and Young Thug as well as “Call Casting” by Migos — Morray’s crooning takes centerstage. Singing about the soul food his mother used to cook, his absence of a father and becoming the man his mother prayed that he would be, Morray’s heartfelt lyricism demonstrates why he has been a sought after star by artists like Cordae, Benny the Butcher and Polo G.

Hey Ma’, it’s your baby, you prayed it, I made it

Hey Ma’, it’s your baby, you prayed, and I made it

I can’t give you everything but promise I’ma try (Yeah)

I can’t pay you back because I know I owe my life (Hey)

Know you are my queen, my world, my everything, my life (Yeah)

Be your sworn protector even when you’re wrong you’re right 

“Momma’s Love” — Morray

In the visuals that accompany “Momma’s Love,” photos of Morray as a child with his mother show how much she cared for him and the effect she had on him.

Hopefully you all got your mothers a gift as good as Morray did for Mother’s Day, because by using his elite songwriting and melodic ability, he certainly passed the “mom anthem” test with flying colors.

Check out “Momma’s Love” by Morray below!