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NBA YoungBoy continues to express himself on YouTube exclusive ‘Emo Rockstar’

Following the release of his collab album From The Bayou with Birdman, NBA YoungBoy delivered yet another tantalizing track to his YouTube channel.

On the surface, YoungBoy looks to reinvent himself as he continues to express a brand new side to his identity. Since being released from jail, the 22-year-old artist has been experimenting with face paint and makeup while disregarding the critics and silencing out the negative noise.

In his new track “Emo Rockstar,” YoungBoy speaks on a variety of different things going on in his life and some demons he is currently enduring. He raps about blocking out the negative opinions of others, his millions, and his love for facepaint, and his refusal to take it off.

Rock peace on my face, I got big, big loads on the way

I got bundles of blue hunnids

I won’t take my paint off

Just wanna be free so tell ’em, “Please take these links off” (Let’s go)

I say, mama, I’m a rockstar, and I don’t care what they think about me

Let me tell it then they should just leave me ‘lone, ’cause I don’t think that they want these

Issues with me (They don’t want these issues)

NBA YoungBoy – “Emo Rockstar”

Despite being under house arrest, YoungBoy was able to provide some visuals for “Emo Rockstar” — which were shot, as probably guessed, at his house. Most of the video takes place in his garage, where YoungBoy takes on the role of a lead singer, as he’s seen gripping a microphone with a guitar strapped around his shoulder, and even recruiting a drummer — taking on the persona of a true rockstar. Throughout the video, we see shots of YoungBoy confidently flexing his face paint and showing off his millions.

Despite the criticism from haters and fans alike, YoungBoy seems to be shutting out the noise and doing very well for himself. He’s been consistently dropping quality music — stemming from his Billboard No. 1 earning album Sincerely, Kentrell — and now feels much more comfortable expressing himself as the “Emo Rockstar” he truly is.

Listen to “Emo Rockstar” below!