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NLE Choppa is feeling himself on ‘Mmm Hmm’

Memphis rapper directs music video for new single.

NLE Choppa has always packed loads of energy into his delivery as a rapper. At just age 18, he mixes this youthful charisma with rapping capabilities of those much older than him. These attributes are exemplified in his latest song “Mmm Hmm,” for which he self-directed the music video for as well.

Much like his newfound passion for health and wellness over the past year, NLE Choppa has always seemed more driven as an artist than his age would suggest. The self-directed music video for “Mmm Hmm” is just as quality and visually impressive as the music videos produced for his hip-hop counterparts, as it also includes a cameo from world-famous plastic surgeon Dr. Miami.

Choppa first announced the song on Thursday (Aug. 12), making it his third solo single of the year, coming off of a 2020 where he released two albums. “Mmm Hmm” oozes confidence and promiscuity from NLE Choppa, with creative bars including sexual innuendos referencing Spongebob Squarepants.

Ayy, she think I’m fuckin’, she leavin’ her panties

I told her to come back to get ’em, she playin’

I want a nut like a nigga named Sandy

I woke up this morning, I feel like the man (Mmm-hmm)

“Mmm Hmm” — NLE Choppa

Sprinkled throughout the track are hummed “mmm hmm” ad-libs by Choppa, as if to affirm how hard he thinks his bars are. Choppa gets surgical on the track with fun wordplay, as well as in the video by paying for his girl’s body enhancements as he raps:

Spend money on her, I ain’t givin’ a fuck

If she want her a butt, I’ll buy her a butt

Behind the back is a truck

She gon’ back it up and dump it on me ’til I bust (Mmm-hmm)

“Mmm Hmm” — NLE Choppa

With “Mmm Hmm,” NLE Choppa combines his spry liveliness on the track with eagerness to gain experience behind the camera. Check out the song’s music video below.