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$NOT is in ‘Go’ mode ahead new album ‘ETHEREAL’

It’s finally $NOT season. The 23-year-old Floridian is inching closer to releasing his third studio album Ethereal, for which he released the tracklist in late October. With eye-popping features like A$AP Rocky and Joey Bada$$, it will be interesting to see how his sound can mesh with those of hip-hop veterans.

On Wednesday (Nov. 24), $NOT released the fourth song on the album “Go,” making it the lead promotional single.

“Go” is a burst of energy, lasting just over two minutes long. With fiery synths and exhilarating 808s, the production caters to $NOT’s mosh pit inducing reputation perfectly.

The track is simply constructed, with a singular verse of decent length sandwiched by two renditions of the hook, where $NOT playfully inserts allusions to childhood shows when referring to his sexual conquests and simultaneously talking down on his opponents.

Fuck n***a built like a bitch and a Skittle

If he not blood then we leavin’ him crippled (Yeah)

She suck on my dick then I nut on her nipple (Go)

This a white bitch lookin’ like Ms. Frizzle (Hahaha)

This a white bitch from Malcolm in the Middle

“Go” — $NOT

In his lone verse, $NOT lets it be known that he is not one to compromise, whether it be during a heist or with his women. He has always had a knack for being able to be vivid in his descriptions of recklessness and villainy.

That’s my bro, he a killer

Comin’ out thе jungle with gorillas

In some black masks, lil’ nigga (Hahaha)

Give mе everything, this a stickup, stick ’em, kill ’em

Do what you want, I’ma blitz ’em

Fuck love, lil’ bitch, I really don’t care

Put your hands up and the Glocks the air

This is my bitch and I don’t have to share

She suckin’ my dick and I’m pullin’ her hair

“Go” — $NOT

Without being extravagant or over the top, “Go” sees $NOT comfortable in making the music his fans come to him for. The song serves as an effective sneak peak into the turning up he will be doing on the rest of Ethereal.

“Go”‘s visuals coincide with this, as they are shot in a manner that gives off a hectic ambience. Taking over a gas station with ski masks, $NOT, his crew and his “Chucky” doll are up to no good.

While we still don’t have a release date for the upcoming album, the rollout has some legs now, and hopefully it will “Go” swiftly towards the finish line.

Stream “Go” by $NOT below!