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‘Heaven knows’ how PinkPantheress became a generational icon

PinkPantheress has the world at her fingertips.

Watching the Kent-born star capture the hearts of millions in two years’ time hasn’t only been awe-inspiring, but truly inimitable. Next to only Ice Spice, who’s featured on PinkPantheress’ viral hit “Boy’s a liar, Pt. 2,” Pink’s ascension to global acclaim stems from her ability to stand out from the crowd — and with it, her formal debut album Heaven knows (Nov. 10).

Stemming from her first mixtape, to hell with it, in 2021, her brooding brand of electronic alt-pop felt like a fever dream bursting through reality. Tracks like “break it off,” “I must apologise” and “Pain” were the launching pad for Pink’s rapid social media success — crafting these songs from the comfort of her bedroom.

Whether or not the dreary London rainfall continues to be an inspiration for her stark yet bubbly soundscape, Heaven knows proves to be as grandiose as the church organs that introduce it. Her coinciding “Capable Of Love” tour is equally showing of her worldwide reach, which is set ro bring along Bktherula and Kanii following her stints on Olivia Rodrigo’s headlining trek.

It’s clear PinkPantheress is the star our generation embodies in all facets. Preceded by eclectic singles in the R&B-washed “Mosquito,” the grungy UKG-adjacent “Capable of love” and of course the inescapable “Boy’s a liar” — which peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 this year — Heaven knows may be a slight deviation from the propulsive drum-and-bass that became her calling card, but still stands closeby. The introduction of Heaven knows feels like a declaration that she’s freed herself from the walls of being sonically pigeonholed — boundless in any area she chooses.

This is evident on Jersey bops like “Bury me” and the Cash Cobain-produced “Nice to meet you” with Central Cee, warbled DNB on “True romance,” “Blue” and other highlights like the iridescently nostalgic “Feel complete,” “Ophelia” (aided by Mura Masa) and “Internet baby” — which acts as an ode to awareness of her generational star, but sees her assert that she can be anything she wants to be.

Intertwined by the story of a troubled relationship, the album’s emo-laced lyricism frequently blurs the lines between heartbreak and death and love and obsession. Her voice is sinisterly sweet — bringing the viral image of the black and pink house to mind when listening.

In a year defined by viral moments, PinkPantheress capitalized on social media’s fleeting effects in the best way — turning each TikTok convert into a full-fledge fan. This may be easier nowadays since TikTok introduced a new “save song” feature that directs fans to DSPS, but know that Pink is a pioneer for this; She walked so others could run. Look at what she’s accomplished because of it.

Heaven knows may be heavenly thanks to Pantheress’ hypnotizing vocals and an ear for wonder, but acknowledging Pink is leading music to where it’s heading next is what makes this debut more special than most.

Listen to ‘Heaven Knows’ below!

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