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Q hypnotizes on new EP ‘HELLO, EVERYDAY CHANGES’

Soul, PRESENT was a moment for budding alt-maestro Q, whose latest EP “HELLO, EVERYDAY CHANGES” is just as enchanting as his previous chapter.

Dropping the short form project’s lead single “Hello” on Oct. 24, Q mesmerizes with melody at every turn on the 3-track pack. “Hello” — armed with a bass-line that’s so sinisterly-equipped with funky grooves — sees the 24-year-old South Florida singer’s droning vocals sit center stage; always the star of the show.

“Hello, my name is Q, that’s all you need,” he patters on the hook, as whirly ad-libs and repetitive live drums fill the track’s rather empty, open spaces. However, there’s not too much room where it feel it vastless; it’s simple, sleek and irresistibly infectious. That’s Q calling card, after all.

On newly-added efforts in “Everyday” and “Changes,” the former is a feel-good love song that depicts Q professing his admiration and being grateful for “everyday” that he spends with his lover. “I’ll love you anyways, I’ve loved you everyday,” he trills on the chorus, backed by warbled, ghostly ad-libs and high-pitched flourishes — flexing his heavenly vocal prowess that bellows from his soul. The slow-burning ballad sounds like a modern twist to a ‘60s crooner anthem, and Q executes it to perfection.

“Changes” takes on a similar form as “Hello,” led by yet another dirty bass-line and punchy four-on-the-floor drums. Here, it seems as if bits of Michael Jackson’s track presence are injected into the track, yet Q’s iridescent personality pack the time-warp Motown cut with his signature flair. Bubbly synths and warm guitars elevate the track ten-fold, as Q embraces the “Changes” he sees happening around him. “Yes we’re growing up, and we don’t know what to do / But I won’t forget the times, when I felt the love from you,” he sings dripped in swagger, bringing forth another lively, fun effort to the forefront of his discography.

Since previous full-length efforts in Thoughts (2018), Forest Green (2019) and The Shave Experiment (2020), Q’s 2023 comeback marks a deep dive into his funk, dream-pop pocket that sporadically appeared throughout his discography. The visual for “HELLO” is a further dive into this sonic crevice, where the barebones music video sees Q roaming and dancing through the streets of New York City, where he pulls up in a whited-out sports car and eventually is chased down by packs of ravenous fans — even interrupting a SideTalk NYC interview.

“It kept me in my room for months at a time… if you know, question everything. But now I say hello,” the visual opens, where Q quickly hops out in the stark, video box black-and-white picture. It’s enticing and overall leaves listeners enamored — waiting and wanting more.

Reintroducing himself for those that still aren’t privy to the old soul’s rising star power, let me: Q Marsden is truly a timeless anomaly.