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Quavo unloads aggressive bars on latest track ‘Honey Bun’

On his third track of the year, Quavo takes a more confrontational approach.

After everything Quavo‘s gone through this past year — from the Migos‘ split to the sudden passing of Takeoff — he has a lot to get off of his chest. Sharing his latest single “Honey Bun” on March 31, the Atlanta mainstay continues to persevere following the loss of his nephew in October 2022.

For an artist, making music after losing a loved one is not only difficult, but could go in many directions. Some tend to step away (i.e. Offset) while others let the music mend their broken heart. Quavo embodies the latter, paying homage to Take on his heartfelt, YouTube exclusive “WITHOUT YOU,” eventually performing the track at the 65th Annual GRAMMY Awards in February.

With pain often comes reflection, which is what led in Quavo’s first official single of 2023 in “Greatness,” where he reflects on the amazing feats that he and the Migos accomplished during their tenure together. “Honey Bun” also solidifies that a Migos reunion between Offset and Quavo is highly unlikely. “So don’t ask me about the group,” he raps. “He gone, we gone, young n****, it can’t come back.”

This is where his pain and anger are showcased in full force, as Quavo raps more aggressively on this record than he has in the past. “They don’t like me talkin’ this gangsta at all” he raps in the second verse, as he knows the fans are not used to seeing this side of him. But then again, we can’t help but feel him as he is going through a lot of emotions right now, and this is the best way he can cope.

In the music video, Quavo is seen in a vault, digging through old crates that are labeled after song titles and album titles from previous Migos music. A large formation of humvees travels down the streets as Quavo raps about his lust for revenge.

Quavo is gearing up to release his next solo effort, which is rumored to be titled Rocket Power. While an official tracklist and release date is currently unknown, expect a rollercoaster of emotions on RP as Quavo retells his pain and perserverence.

This would be the best way to do it, though; through the power of music. We are here to support Quavo every step of the way.

Check out Quavo’s latest video “Honey Bun” below!