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Redveil releases first solo track of 2021 with ‘04’

Underground enigma redveil has managed to create a cult following in such a short amount of time. As both a producer and rapper, the 17-year-old artist finds solace in the soulful nuances of sampling — channeling melodic cuts and ear-catching chops all throughout his young career.

Off the back of his hit song “Weight” and 2020 project Niagara, redveil boisterously introduced listeners to his bright and sunny sound, as the Prince George’s County, Maryland native seemingly resides in his own space.

Rising to acclaim during quarantine in early 2020, his “Quarantine Freestyle” was an assertion to his smooth flows and polished wordplay. With vocals reminiscent of Earl Sweatshirt and A$AP Rocky, redveil’s taste and versatility is unmatched for an artist his age — hopping on melody-driven tracks and experimental boom-bap alike.

Working with artists like Chris Patrick, Kenny Mason and more, redveil is unique at his core — boasting a refined attention to detail in every track he touches. Put simply, his tracks are full of depth with endless layers of instrumentation and never comes to a halt. Each track is complete from beginning to end, minimizing repetition and focusing on progression. Songs like “5500,” “Badnews” and “Fastlane” further prove his masterful ear and hypnotic, head-bobbing lyrics. On his most recent single “how 2 find hope,” his sample skills truly shine brighter than the rest. Ultimately, redveil doesn’t seem to have an off switch — showcasing his natural talent at every turn.

Unique in style with a mix of sounds that fit somewhere in between Griselda, Joey Bada$$, Monte Booker and Tyler, The Creator, redveil’s musicality is staggering, sampling soul cuts and vocal chops from all genres within his beats. While he’s been relatively quiet in 2021, redveil triumphantly returns with his stunning new offering “04.”

“04” finds redveil utilizing his signature vocal-sampled sound, teaming up with producer Quickly, Quickly for the track’s immersively melodic beat. Veil spits about taking what’s his — whether that be the fame, money or glory — as he strives to “earn it” avoiding the easy way out. With bars focusing on his continued grind to the top, redveil stays “grabbing everything meant for me” throughout the track’s 3-minute run time.

Fuck is niggas saying, tell the kid that I ain’t heard

[?] it to the digits, ’cause we tryna get it off the curb

What’s the word, every crevice that they building get disturbed

And it’s [?] at the top, niggas ain’t gon’ bleed if they don’t burn

Speedin’ through Ephesians, I been tryna [?], shit

Since [?] been in in my Birkin

She like “Why you stay takin’ flights?” like shit, I’m working

I ain’t mean to call you back, I’ll do it when you earned it, earned it

redveil — “04”

The visual finds redveil taking a homemade approach, displaying the sights of his hometown and even depicts him shooting hoops outside of his house. With quick cuts and calming hues, the track truly shines in the scenery redveil showcases.

As he continues his imminent rise to stardom, it seems as though “the grind” is what allows redveil to flourish. With immense replay value right off the bat, “04” is the dawn of a new era for the Maryland-based star.

Listen to redveil’s “04” below!