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Rich Amiri shines on ‘GHETTO FABULOUS’

Rich Amiri’s new album GHETTO FABULOUS (Nov. 17) not only showcases the Internet Money riser’s distinct deep voice and vast self-assurance, but ushers in a new era altogether.

At 14 tracks in length, highlights like “HANDOUTS,” “STICKS ON READY” and “KURT COBAIN” illustrate the 19-year-old rapper’s bubbling maturity.“ONE CALL” was the final standalone effort ahead of GF, packed with blazing synths and distorted 808s that accentuate Amiri’s fast flows.

Its second single “CODEINE CRAZY,” as dynamic as the Future classic which inspired its name, showcases the Boston-bred rapper’s fervor and penchant for luxury. Marked by sharp hi-hats and Amiri’s powerful baritone, he ruthlessly delivers lines such as: “Let’s get it, let’s get it, let’s go, yuh / I’m in that new Testarossa / I’m swerving and messing up the road.” In other words, he’s rapping like rent is due.

Following “Ain’t Nothing,” which accumulated over 5 million streams since its release in August, Amiri jumpstarted his upward trajectory with “Punt” and his 12-track debut project, EVOLUTION — produced exclusively by Internet Money and coinciding with his official signing to IM Records.

The album, featuring singles “Poppin” with Lil Tecca and “Salty,” cements Amiri’s transition from SoundCloud artist to emerging star, as well as his adjacent flourish alongside fellow IM’er Dro Kenji.

In 2021, Amiri saw success with “Never Fail,” amassing over 3 million SoundCloud streams and leading to a string of popular underground tracks. The previous year, he introduced his EP, For The Better, with contributions from artists like SSGKobe and Summrs.

Listen to “GHETTO FABULOUS” below!

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