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Rich Amiri adds underground hit ‘Keep All That’ to DSPs

During our exclusive interview with Rich Amiri in May, he had explained to our host Hakeem Rowe how he was working hard to hone in on a signature sound. Since then, it has become evident that there’s no need for Amiri to stick to one lane, because his bag is as deep as any of his peers.

Experimenting with rage and plugg, all while continuously improving his melodic voice and rapping cadence, each new Amiri release, such as June project For The Better and singles like “Can’t Die” and “Dirty Money,” sees him improve in a different category.

Now, with perhaps his most sensual and smooth cut of his career, Amiri has stunned his fans with “Keep All That” (Oct. 15). Additionally, after the track went viral and eclipsed 250,000 streams on SoundCloud, Amiri added it to digital streaming platforms on Oct. 21.

“Keep All That” sees the Bostonian link with Internet Money‘s iconic underground instrumentalist Rio Leyva. Providing Amiri with production that showcases his deep, syrupy singing voice, Leyva’s funky R&B, guitar-laced beat is quite frankly, sexy as hell.

Layering harmonies in between his crooning about wanting to skip the drama and be laid up with his significant other, Amiri shows the skill and command of an R&B musician years into their career, as some have compared “Keep All That” to a Steve Lacy track. It is stunning how perfectly he matches the atmosphere of the instrumental with his passion and suave.

And all of your stress and drunk texts and missed calls

You can keep all of that (Bae, you can keep it, bae)

And I miss the sex and your scent and your touch

But bae, I don’t need it, baby (I don’t, yeah)

I’m calling your phone, let me know when you’re home

And I’ll come see you, baby (Yeah, yeah, I’ll come)

And none of these hoes never gettin’ my heart

‘Cause it beats for you, baby (Oh, oh)

“Keep All That” — Rich Amiri

Fans’ reactions to this new track should come as no surprise, as fitting claims of “Keep All That” being a “masterpiece” and the “underground song of the year” floated all over Twitter this past week. Thankfully, Amiri did not “keep all that” in the vault.

Check out Rich Amiri’s new bop below!