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Rich Brian, 21 Savage headline single ‘Lazy Susan’ for Marvel film soundtrack

Ahead of Marvel’s first film with an Asian lead, 21 Savage links with handful of 88Rising artists.

Rich Brian and management-label company 88Rising have been introducing Asian rappers to listeners for the past half decade.

Although Joji and Brian are 88Rising’s most popular artists, they have a full repertoire of rappers and singers that they showcase. Rich Brian brought two of them, Warren Hue and MaSiWei, along with him for his latest single with 21 Savage on “Lazy Susan.”

Brian first announced the track on Aug. 8, as it is a promotional single for the movie “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

Warren Hue is a rising Indonesian rapper who has actually collaborated with Rich Brian before on previous tracks like “California,” and with Indonesian singer NIKI. MaSiWei is a rapper of Chinese origin, who is a part of the four-man rap collective Higher Brothers. Both Hue and MaSiWei are signed to 88Rising.

This is not the first collaboration between Rich Brian and 21 Savage, as they linked in November 2017 for their mellow, but menacing banger “Crisis.”

Over the instrumental that utilizes an organ, MaSiWei opens the track with an aggressive verse rapping in Mandarin (Chinese), which leads into Brian keeping that momentum going in his following verse.

Bluetooth speakers playin’ that fye fye

Reminiscin’ ’bout the times I was sky high

Payin’ the bills, man, I don’t need the Prada

My girl is spicy and salty like Mala

I’m really bein’ myself when I wild out, yeah

“Lazy Susan” — Rich Brian, 21 Savage (feat. Warren Hue & MaSiWei)

21 Savage follows as the beat slows down in tempo to highlight his laid-back, yet frightening flow. The track is somewhat of a posse cut, with four consecutive verses from the four different artists, as Hue anchors the track after Savage’s verse with one of his own — using relevant bars of martial arts (to coincide with the film’s premise) while shouting out some American hip-hop/R&B legends.

Man, what’s the use? Like Thundercat and Mac

I’m swimmin’ deep inside your circle

“Lazy Susan” — Rich Brian, 21 Savage featuring Warren Hue & MaSiWei

“Lazy Susan” is an interestingly entertaining track, seeing artists from across the globe at their most comfortable, spitting effortlessly. Using their respective styles, the hard-hitting single could surely fit in an action scene in the upcoming movie. Until the release of “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” on Sept. 3, check out “Lazy Susan” from the film’s soundtrack below.