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Rico Nasty feels ‘Magic’ in the air with new single

Punk-rap sensation drops her first solo single of the year.

Rico Nasty had a big 2020. Her debut album Nightmare Vacation dropped in December, perfectly exemplifying her versatile menu of punk, pop, rap and alternative sounds she had honed her entire career up until that point. With hit singles released before the album such as the powerful “Own It” and unapologetically aggressive “Smack A Bitch,” to tracks like “Back and Forth” where she goes bar for bar with Aminé and the electronic pop song “IPHONE,” Rico displayed her strengths while evolving and picking up new ones.

Since then, she’s been relatively quiet, doing a feature verse here and there, but not releasing any solo work. She appeared on Jasiah‘s “Art of War” single along with Denzel Curry in early June, where the trio bonded over their unhinged attitudes on the track.

A week before that, on May 29, she tweeted that her newest mixtape RX would be coming sometime this summer.

There is no official tracklist for the project as of now, but it would be safe to assume her newest song could be a single for the record.

Last night, Rico Nasty dropped the single “Magic.” She first announced the song last Monday, June 21. “Magic” is Rico’s first solo release of 2021, and continues the pop trend that gained momentum for her on her previous album with songs like “Loser (feat. Trippie Redd).”

On “Magic,” she explains romance with herself as being exclusive, and anybody who experiences should be honored. She calls out to a significant other to express how special their relationship is.

I can make you feel the magic, fantastic (Yeah)

Niggas can’t get this, can’t have it

You could get it all ’cause I give it all (Ooh-ah)

If I’m feelin’ down, you won’t let me fall (Ooh-ah)

No matter where I’m at, you know you can call (Yeah)

No matter what you did, you can’t piss me off

Uh-oh, not at all, all (All, all)

No, not at all, all, all, all

“Magic” — Rico Nasty

The seductive, groovy, pop-oriented instrumentation showcases Rico’s smooth, melodic singing that she has continued to improve over time. This single is a great step forward to add noise to her upcoming mixtape.

Check out Rico Nasty’s newest single “Magic” below.