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Rico Nasty, Flo Mill get ‘Money’ on new single

Two of the hottest female rappers in the game unite on their new single.

While Rico Nasty has been gearing up for her upcoming mixtape RX since the summer, it remains to be seen when the tape will hit streaming platforms.

Dropping its second promotional single “Buss” in early August, there still has been no official announcement, cover art or a release date for RX. However, amid the speculation, Rico added a feature to the potential tracklist on Thursday (Nov. 18), dropping “Money” with Alabamabased rapper and 2021 XXL Freshman Flo Milli.

“Money” samples and interpolates 2 Live Crew‘s timeless 1980s club hit “We Want Some P***y.” Particularly on the hook, Rico utilizes layered vocals to substitute the “P***y” with “Money” to craft an empowered anthem about her and her girls getting bags

The song itself is raucous and full of rock energy, as the instrumental, produced by Boys Noize (famed for their work with A$AP Rocky and Skrillex), contains eccentric drums and various whistle sounds to emulate a rowdy environment.

Rico Nasty’s opening verse sets the tone for the song’s attitude about men, using them to forward their financial status as opposed to romance. She looks to squeeze their pockets with her looks and persona, and raps about prioritizing cash over love.

Love don’t pay the bills, nigga (Uh-huh)

I ain’t tryna chill with you (Hell nah)

You ain’t getting no real figures?

Can’t touch on this figure

Lil booty but I make it jiggle (Ooh)

Swipe his card till we blow the whistle (Yeah)

“Money” — Rico Nasty feat. Flo Milli

A trademark “Flo Milli shit” ad-lib ushers in the 21-year old XXL Freshman’s feature, as she coincides with Rico’s intentions on her verse to close the song. Flexing her Eliantte jewelry and lucrative mindset, Flo Milli rattles off several impressive bars.

Give, give me that cash, nigga (Nigga)

I need like eight figures (Yeah, oh)

Run it up fast, nigga (Yup)

Uh, boy, you know I’m exquisite (Yeah)

Eliantte, diamond princess (Ooh)

All my VV’s lookin’ different (Yeah)

When money talking, I’ma listen (Shh)

If he can’t spend it, I go missing (Oh)

“Money” — Rico Nasty feat. Flo Milli

In the visuals for “Money,” Rico and Flo insert fairytale inspirations from stories like Wizard of Oz to demonstrate how they “get to the green.” Rocking several steamy outfits, the duo’s sole mission is to run it up their bank accounts by any means necessary.

Check out Flo Milli’s new single “Money” with Flo Milli below!