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Seezyn clears ‘GREY’ skies on new mixtape

“Use your heart and not your eyes, baby just relax,” a sultry voice echoes on the sample-clad “Few Ways,” as emotion is not only central to Seezyn’s sound, but is his strong suit.

Living in the space between on his new project GREY, the Cincinnati-raised singer-rapper wears his influences on his sleeve — melding the melodic tendencies of Drake, The Weeknd and Travis Scott all into one. His friendship with the late Juice WRLD may have put him in front of mainstream listeners, but the former Grade A affiliate is much more than a namesake.

Keeping busy in 2022 with a slew of singles and EPs, it’s been nearly five years since Seezyn broke out on Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse’s chart-topping track “Hide” alongside Juice. However, he’s grown into a versatile voice with a knack for melody following this mainstream moment. GREY is just his latest — and perhaps his strongest — example of this, as Seezyn takes you on a dark and dreary sonic journey that’s sure to clear up a cloudy day. 

Tracks like “Downside To Love” and “Ruin Me (Loft Music)” emphasize Seezyn’s ethereal vocals and atmosperhic track presence — emitting a similar vibe to The Weeknd’s House of Balloons. While his Drake influence is apparent on tracks like “Ms. Autumn,” “You Interlude” and “Few Ways,” Seezyn possesses a knack for interpolating his own voice between swoonly-sung hooks and narrative, lust-laden verses. These cuts are the most beaming on the record — where Seezyn showcases every side of his sound in short bursts. It feels like he’s reliving a bad dream, waking up to take control and preaching it to his fans.

While “GREY” and “Waiting On Me” open and close the record with story-esque poise, they reflect a sense of promise and reveal Seezyn’s mission to stay honest with himself. “It’s all good even if it’s all grey,” he sings on the intro. He’s “good with the pen,” but he’s leveled up altogether — chasing his dream and being an example for those that look up to and rely on him. “I can’t imagine / having to tell my own son I almost had it / Imma tell him to go and chase his dream, he gotta grab it / So imagine me quitting on me, that’s ass backwards,” he spits over “Waiting On Me’s” somber production — further painting his worldview that revolves around his hunger to be his best self.

Amid GREY’s release on Dec. 29, Seezyn dropped off a New Year’s Eve gift to fans in the form of his highly-anticipated track “Heart Eyes (Dead Guys).” Leaving it off the album to share it as a single, the song was supposed to feature Juice, but could see it remixed in the future after some convincing to Grade A and Lil Bibby.

With #TisArmy fed with his third full-length project — following Tis (2020) and Seezyn’s Change (2021) — Seezyn dropped off an underground gem right at the buzzer.

Listen to ‘GREY’ below!