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SeptembersRich drops new project ‘B.N.L’ and announces tour with Yeat

SeptembersRich unleashed his debut album ‘BNL’ on Monday (March 14), and with it, he continues Twizzy Rich’s takeover of 2022. Touting a nearly featureless project aside from two Yeat appearances, both him and the “Poppin” rapper are set to hit the road in April, announcing their highly anticipated 2 Alivë Tour Wednesday.

For those unaware, SeptembersRich is the slightly lesser-known member of Twizzy Rich alongside Yeat, the rapidly rising and rather polarizing underground sensation. Together, with total disregard for the rules of the game, they have pioneered a divisive new style of turnt-up experimental hip-hop hallmarked by busy abstract production, irreverent borderline-chanted bars, and liberal usage of a growing list of Twizzy-specific vocab words (see: “luh,” “tonka,” “twiz,” and more).

On BNL, fans of the underground will instantly recognize the hyper-specific, love-it-or-hate-it production of the “Twizzyverse.” SeptembersRich, however, takes a slighty different line over the busy backdrop — incorporating a bit more melody, slightly less vocal effects and mixing in more recognizable rap flows into his performance – resulting in an end product that is perhaps more friendly to non-underground stans than his right-hand twiz.

In fact, some of the most standout moments on the project were the more turned-down tracks like “Drug Damage” and “Wire” where his natural voice shines through. He brought more hip-hop energy on songs like “No Dissin,” and he brought that classic “rage-with-a-twist” on songs like “Hi Everyday” or “Million Dollar” — and of course on the likely fan-favorite Yeat features “Back Den” and “Xtra Crazy,” where the labelmates trade high-energy bars over energetic production to create the perfect mosh pit conditions for their upcoming tour.

It goes without saying that the styles of the two Twizzy Rich stars are similar to that of first cousins — holding some pretty obvious similarities between their busy, bass-heavy new wave approach to music along with their enigmatic personalities, “invënted” lingo, graphic design choices and affinity for unorthodox headgear (and bells).

Although there are definitely some distinctive qualities between the two, SeptembersRich takes a more melodic approach and opts for a more expressive vocal delivery — letting more natural-sounding inflections peak through where Yeat typically relies more on his otherworldly affected-vocal and signature ad-libs.

In addition to their upcoming national tour together — announced just weeks after a Rolling Loud pump fake — SeptembersRich and Yeat frequently appear in each others’ music videos and have appeared on numerous tracks together during their rise. Most notably would probably be “Trëndy way” and its accompanying DotComNirvan visual, and most recently on “Luh M” off Yeat’s recent chart-topping album, 2 Alive.

The fact that both SeptembersRich and Yeat clearly exist in the same uncanny universe, they still bring their own sound to the table — speaking volumes to the increasingly important ability to create an entire world for your persona and fans to inhabit.

Successfully carving out their very own genre of futuristic, turnt-up hip hop for a new generation, these divisive fringe stars are making a lot of mainstream noise and they’re still just warming up.

Check out the video for “Drug Damage” and his new project ‘B.N.L’ below!