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Slayer77 kicks things into ‘Fourth Gear’ with TheHxliday, Yung Fazo, OsmKapo

What makes the new wave of talent so great is that we’re continuing to see so many musicians start younger and younger as time goes on. Today, some of our generation’s biggest stars include TheKidLaroi, NLE Choppa, NBA YoungBoy, Lil Tecca and many more — all shot into the spotlight while they were still teenagers.

An artist who has been rapidly making a name for himself is Slayer77. At just 14-years-old, the dual threat producer-rapper has amassed hundreds of thousands of SoundCloud plays — catching the attention of both fans and established artists alike.

Slayer has been consistently dropping singles throughout 2021 — often teasing them on his Trillers and Instagram. One song in particular that he’s been alluding to all summer is his latest track “Fourth Gear Cypher.”

After posting the original snippet on Triller — previewing what he already knew would be a crazy track — many artists reached out voluntarily in effort to be featured. Slayer, however, already had an idea in mind of who he wanted on the song.

Having worked with TheHxliday and Yung Fazo in the past, he was adamant about recruiting them for “Fourth Gear.” In search of one more feature to complete the posse cut, Slayer went with one of his favorite artists at the moment: OsmKapo.

“Fourth Gear Cypher” is not your typical SoundCloud bop. This wild track — filled with heavy-hitting 808’s and hard-hitting kicks — packs a punch with an abundance of personality. Slayer had a chance to flex his production chops as well, as the beat was made by sampling the acapella from PlayBoi Carti’sRockstar Made.”

What separates “Fourth Gear” from other new wave bangers is the sporadic beat switches that make it sound as if four songs are mashed into one. As an ode to Baby Santana’s “Antisocial” series, there’s a distinct blend of diverse sounds that touch multiple genres like Rock, Trap, Drill and more.

The song kicks off with an assertive electric guitar that Slayer takes by the horns — speed-rapping to take full take control of the track. Before OsmKapo comes with his verse, the beat picks up with powerful bass and acoustic drum-fills that smoothly transition the artists between verses.

Fazo joins the duo with his distinct, high-pitched vocals — courtesy of his pristine auto-tune stems — once again showcasing his talent. For the last verse, TheHxliday leaps in with authority, switching up his style by spitting his verse bar after bar rather than sticking to his normal sung melodies — displaying his versatility in the process.

“Fourth Gear Cypher” is something special. It’s the type of song made for the whip because headphones wouldn’t do it justice. The energy within the song is unmatched, giving it an enormous amount of persona and flavor. Each artist brings their own unique style, which allows listeners to have an absolute adventure while listening.

The 14-year-old Slayer77 has truly been on a roll lately — proving himself as one of the youngest rising artists to keep an eye on. Be on the lookout for new singles from Slayer77 in the near future.

Listen to “Fourth Gear Cypher” below!

Cover art made by Alex Siegel