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Sleepy Hallow flips 347Aidan’s ‘Memories!’ for his new single ‘Die Young’

Brooklyn drill royalty Sleepy Hallow dropped a brand new single this week with a feature that nobody saw coming: 18-year Canadian phenom, 347Aidan.

347aidan’s gravelly, lo-fi vocals full of teenage angst and Sleepy’s harsh, street-worn baritone couldn’t be more different, but on their new collaboration “Die Young,” they come together over production from Winners Circle super-producer, Great John to create a surprisingly cohesive track that straddles the line between pop and rap.

“Die Young” is a return to the proven formula for success that comes from combining Sleepy, Great John and a cult hit from an emerging genre-bending talent – built around 347aidan’s hit song “Memories!” in a similar fashion to the way they flipped Foushée’s “Deep End.” It’s worth noting that “Deep End Freestyle” remains one of Sleepy’s biggest songs to date with over 225 Million Spotify streams.

It also seems like this was a smoother collaboration than past go-arounds as Aidan made it into the music video, surreally weaving together two very different worlds from the trap to a retro family sitcom to a third illustrated sequence – and culminating in a big finale. 

Although he is considered one of the forefathers of the controversial, gritty Brooklyn drill subgenre, Sleepy has always had an ear for catchy and surprisingly gentle melodies. “Die Young” is just the latest example of his forward-thinking approach, and time will tell if he has a new pop-leaning radio hit on his hands. 

Watch Sleepy Hallow’s “Die Young” ft. 347aidan below