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$NOT breaks down his ‘Simple’ lifestyle on new single

After displaying impressive growth on his incredibly versatile February studio album Ethereal, $NOT has still been delivering for his fans throughout the rest of 2022.

With his third official single since Ethereal, the Floridian dropped “Simple” on Oct. 14, which serves as a detailed look into the way he goes about his life, lucrative and drama-free.

“Simple” is produced by Wick Katana, who previously worked on songs like Ethereal‘s “How U Feel” with Joey Bada$$ and “Oakland Interlude” by Chris Patrick, as well as saturnn, who specified on Instagram that this was his first placement. While young, these instrumentalists provide a groovy melody and punchy 808s and claps that $NOT rides with ease.

On the hook, $NOT’s demonstrative “I want money” and “I’m a boss, I’m a vet” decrees give listeners a clear understanding of his priorities and his standards.

If I don’t got this guala, this a bullet to yo neck (Neck)

Simple, always keep a Glock on my bed (Go)

Simple, I don’t got to talk for respect (Go)

Simple, I won’t diss a n***a if they dead (Why?)

“Simple” — $NOT

Throughout song’s singular verse, he doubles down on the grimy and cutthroat attitude he’s always attributed to himself, where he is shameless about his “player” ways and great at alluding the cops.

I got racks, I put it in a bag (Yeah)

I throw it on a bitch in the club in the back (Yeah)

I hit it from the front, then I hit it from the back (Yeah, that’s right)

What you know about running from the police? (Police)

Nike’s on my feet, and a piece on me (On me)

“Simple” — $NOT

The night after the song’s release, $NOT came out with the visuals for “Simple,” which see him riding around Sherp trucks like Kanye West while accompanied by Eem Triplin.

In this early phase of his career, $NOT’s consistent ability to match his subject matter with the production on his music has been a sight to behold, especially because he makes it all look so “Simple.”

Check out “Simple” below!