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SSGKobe drops long-awaited single ‘Caddy’

SSGKobe is one of the most promising young artists hip-hop’s new wave has to offer. With each new release, he hones in on his attractive sound with a spectacularly melodic voice to lean on.

On Oct. 29, Kobe released his latest single “Caddy,” a long-awaited, highly-anticipated moment for the Louisiana native.

“Caddy” runs at just under two minutes, but Kobe makes every second worth it with exciting vocal inflections and a hook sure to leave a long-standing impression in listeners’ libraries.

Over a modest guitar loop and steady claps on the instrumental, Kobe’s poised demeanor and smooth singing take center stage as he stands up for an unnamed love interest.

You gon’ get murked, you try to play me or my girl (Grrah, brrah)

Bro on the shirt, he tried to play me and my thugs (Grrah, grrah)

“Caddy” — SSGKobe

The song’s associated music video sees Kobe sticking by his girl’s side as we see several visuals of a stoic and contemplative Kobe.

Fans have been hungry for “Caddy” since the release of his last stellar single “MIA” in July. He first alluded to the track in late July, and asked fans when they wanted him to drop it when a snippet surfaced.

While “Caddy” has been a long time coming, the single strives to be the “blow-up” moment for the young superstar’s already fruitful career.

Stream “Caddy” by SSGKobe below!