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SSGKobe taps Trippie Redd for ‘Escape Your Love’ remix ahead of debut album ‘u4eya’

Teen phenom SSGKobe is not only well on his way to become one of music’s most sought after artists, but is proving his talent is far beyond that of an 18-year-old.

When the Louisana-bred rapper dropped his breakout hit “thrax” in February 2021, he quickly ascended to the front page of the underground after gaining the attention of Cole Bennett — earning Lyrical Lemonade video treatments for his summer turn-up track “MIA” and the SNOTassisted “Calabasas.”

Kobe’s latest offerings “Caddy,” “Don’t Miss” and b4u4eya’s “MARNI” further defined him as a bonafide hitmaker in the new wave, as listeners received banger after banger throughout 2021. Now, he returns with Trippie Redd on the remix to his SoundCloud hit “Escape Your Love.”

Continuing to deliver on every track he touches, Kobe started off 2022 on a high note with his exclusive SoundCloud two-pack ESCAPE, and since then, he’s been teasing tracks off his upcoming album u4eya and mixtape b4u4eya. On Dec. 31, he tweeted out the release as a New Years Eve surprise on SoundCloud, also updating fans on u4eya’s progress.

The now-officially release “Escape Your Love” shines as an entrancing emo-rap ballad, loosely reminiscent of XXXTENTACION’s hook on “SAD.” Trippie Redd continues to dominate the underground SoundCloud wave hopping on a slew of features in recent months — along with his hidden Hate Is Dead mixtape — as Kobe combines the track’s fast-paced plugg production with free-flowing bars about flexing on his haters, the thought of “relapsing” again and the love that keeps his mind racing. Between Kobe’s smoothly sung melodies on the hook and Trippie’s signature cadence over his verse, his rhymes also feature a standout line about famed music interviewer Nardwuar.

I’ve been duckin’ on these thoughts, thoughts (Yeah), like a n***a livin’ in the Matrix (Oh-oh)

You can look in my shop cart, all this money that I’m fucking wastin’

Choppa sounding just like Nardwuar, doo-doo-doo-doo, bullets facing, yeah (Yeah)

SSGKobe — “Escape Your Love”

Taking the next generation by storm with his 7-track EP KO in 2021, SSGKobe’s star power is one to not be underestimated, shooting for the best version of himself in true “super saiyan god” fashion. Drawing slight sonic comparisons to the late-XXXTENTACION, the pluggnb rage-rapper’s allure lies within his hypnotic bars, innovative production and high-pitched “yuhhh” ad-libs.

As we wait for his debut full-length release — and impending feature on KayCyy’s upcoming album Who Is KayCyy? — SSGKobe’s “Escape” is just the beginning of his 2022 takeover.

Listen to “escape your love” with Trippie Redd below!