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SSGKobe keeps his foot on the gas with ‘b4u4eya’ cut ‘MARNI’

SSGKobe has become a leading voice of our generation for many reasons, but one seems to consistently rise above the rest: versatility.

Idolized for ceaselessly melting genres within his sound, Kobe arguably touts one of the most unique skillsets in music today — going from a trap anthem to a digicore ballad in the blink of an eye. Breaking more barriers on one of his most recent SoundCloud offerings “RUNNING OUT OF TIME” — an ethereal “drum & bass” heavy hit — Kobe’s one-of-a-kind range and captivating vocals are instantly able to transport listeners to any world he wishes.

The anticipation for his upcoming debut album u4eya continues to grow by the day, as fans still don’t know what sound to expect from the young Louisiana phenom. However, on his new SoundCloud exclusive “marni freestyle,” Kobe shows how he can go “super saiyan god” anytime he pleases — taking over the track with a visceral head-bobbing flow that you can’t help but sink your teeth into.

Floating over the track’s eerie, hard-hitting bounce, Kobe rips off a succession of bars over ethereal, buzzing synths and booming 808s that rattle the best of speakers. Making his opps “dance like hopscotch,” Kobe asserts his stake in the game speaking on his beginnings in music, looking back on the trials and tribulations it took for him to garner notice in the new wave.

“3 years later, look at me, I’m up now. Four years later, look at me, I gotta bust down,” he proclaims on “marni freestyle,” as the Louisiana wordsmith is certainly spitting all facts when it comes to his lyrical ability. Loosely referencing Future and Lil Uzi Vert’s “Marni On Me” from their 2020 joint mixtape Pluto x Baby Pluto, Kobe’s otherworldly wordplay seemingly lifts listeners each time he hits the booth.

Taking the next SoundCloud generation by storm with his 7-track EP KO in 2021, SSGKobe has seemingly been shooting for the stars since. Drawing comparisons to the late-XXXTENTACION, the pluggnb rage-rapper’s allure lies within his hypnotic bars, innovative production style and high-pitched “yuhhh” ad-libs. Delivering quality cuts all throughout 2022, Kobe kicked off the new year on a high note with his underground two-pack ESCAPE, which includes tracks in “4AM FREESTYLE” and “Escape Your Love.”

On New Year’s Eve, he tweeted out the link to the SoundCloud pack as a complete surprise, also updating fans on the status of u4eya — later saying it was “90%” complete in another post. Kobe is also recruiting Trippie Redd amid his underground efforts as of late, set to hop on the official version of “Escape Your Love.”

Following stellar singles in “Don’t Miss,” “Caddy” and “MIA,” Kobe’s ceiling for success and notoriety among casual listeners continues to grow ten-fold. Make no mistake, SSGKobe’s talent is immeasurable at just 18-years-old, but it’s his eclectic ear and willingness to innovate that will pave his way to superstardom.

Listen to “MARNI” below!

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