The Homies, Jack Harlow tell ‘White Lies’ off upcoming LP ‘Honest Living’

Kentucky natives re-unite ahead of The Homies’ sophomore effort

Jack Harlow has always represented his city passionately, as it’s no surprise to see him link back up with fellow Louisville natives The Homies.

This is not the first time Harlow has collaborated with the group, trading verses on their 2019 track “Leaf Wraps.” Ultimately, The Homies and Harlow are quite content on keeping things comfortable, feeling right at home on their latest track “White Lies.”

The Kentucky-bred collab sees Harlow’s trademark groovy flow over production from 2forwOyNE — one of Jack’s longtime producers. Harlow’s early mixtapes enjoyed a plethora of 2forwOyNE credits, particularly on 2018’s Loose and 2019’s Confetti, with hit track “WARSAW” where 2forwOyNE gives a stellar feature verse.

Both Jack’s hook and first verse playfully discuss his romances, his lavish lifestyle and how he keeps his girls infatuated with him.

I’ve been stackin’ up white lies

I got bad bitches and they bite-sized

Gas light ’til she see the bright side (fucked up)

“White Lies” — The Homies feat. Jack Harlow

The Homies’ Quiiso explodes into the second verse with charisma, spitting about trying to keep vibes positive with flings and potential trips to Budapest.

Bitch I’m comin’ crispy, please don’t step on my balenci’s (woah)

Everything is love so tonight we gettin’ busy (woah)

“White Lies” — The Homies feat. Jack Harlow

“White Lies” is The Homies’ fourth single for their upcoming album HONEST LIVING, slated to drop on Friday (Sept. 3).

Listen to “White Lies” below!

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