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TyFontaine does it all ‘By MySelf’ in immersive underground track

TyFontaine isn’t taking his eyes off the prize with his highly-anticipated album Beautiful Michi Girls just a month away from release.

Off the back of his transcendent teaser pack B4BMG: The Experience (executively produced by Danes Blood and Beniok), Fontaine not only has his sights set on his upcoming, career-elevating LP, but continues to impress by succeeding all on his own as an independent artist.

Reflecting on what it took to get where he is today, Michi’s latest underground offering “By MySelf” once again asserts that he’s a talent to behold — reaffirming his status as one of hip-hop’s most underrated visionaries destined for bigger and better things.

“By MySelf” employs the same lavishly versatile production found on B4BMG and his debut independent effort Ascension. Linking back up with video director Anti for the track’s visual Wednesday (April 13) — who also handled the cinematic black-and-white cuts for B4BMG’s “Keep IT Real” and BMG’s Numb / Lil Slime” — “By MySelf” sees Michi appreciating his moment and embracing his haters on the come-up as music’s next big thing.

Produced by Bloubloud and FNZ, the single is yet another immersive experience from the DMV hitmaker — leading listeners in with a hypnotic soul sample that gets flipped into a fleeting trap-infused banger.

Ty spits with both hunger and potency — tearing off lines about respect and living life to the fullest. “My life is too short to be worried ’bout you and your past life / My check and respect is all I need, I’m in my damn prime,” he raps, meshing his refined vocal talent with more bars about “makin enemies” and seizing his opportunity for stardom.

All by myself (Huh)

I been makin enemies, they been hating

I been tryna build an entity, said I was wasting energy but I tell ’em

All by myself (Bitch)

I been getting to it, speaking money, talk so fluent (Uh)

All by myself, I tend to overdo it

TyFontaine — “By MySelf”

If it’s not obvious by now, TyFontaine is a glistening gem within SoundCloud’s revitalized new wave. While it’s unclear if “By MySelf” will wind up on Beautiful Michi Girls, it won’t be long before Michi shows the world just how special he truly is.

Watch TyFontaine’s “By MySelf” below!