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Ty Fontaine shares ‘Ascension’ deluxe in ‘Virtual World 2’

Ty Fontaine has proven he’s a gifted hitmaker time and time again this year, ascending to new heights with the deluxe of his debut independent album Ascension.

The former Internet Money signee’s trademark sound on Virtual World 2 — the follow-up to his 5-track 2020 mixtape — is packed with vibrant, atmospheric production and tons of new wave talent behind him. The DC-based superstar in the making continues to show that he’s here to stick around for a long time, displaying his refined vocal versatility comparable to Young Thug and Playboi Carti.

Dropping visuals to fan-favorite singles in “24 / Can’t Miss,” “Believe It” and most recently “Picture Frame,” the attention to detail in all of his videos shines through instantly. With quick cuts, crisp cinematography and a flourishing personality all around, Fontaine displays a high level of poise and creativity in every aspect of his artistry.

Recruiting features in Trippie Redd, Summrs, Pasto Flocco, Lil Tecca, Cochise, Yung Fazo and Joony, V2 is set to position Fontaine at the center of hip-hop’s best and brightest up-and-comers. With 12 added tracks, Fontaine continues to assert his place as one the underground’s leading voices, tapping into his superstar potential once more.

Listen to Ty Fontaine’s ‘Virtual World 2’ (Oct. 20) below!

TyFontaine gears up for new project ‘Virtual World 2’

Ty Fontaine is one of the most talented underground rappers for many reasons, but one sticks out amongst the rest: his versatility.

Since leaving Internet Money this past summer, Fontaine continues to thrive off of curating instantly catchy melodies. His captivating vocal performances set his artistry apart from his peers, and in truth, Fontaine is the definition of an enigma in today’s new wave — looking to capitalize off his strengths once more with Virtual World 2.

Dropping a teaser video for the deluxe to his independent debut, Ascension, Fontaine surprisingly announced Tuesday (Oct. 19) that V2 is set to hit DSPs at midnight on Oct. 20. Fontaine previously dropped V2’s tracklist on Oct. 5 — complemented with a plethora of new wave talents in Trippie Redd, Summrs, Pasto Flocco, Lil Tecca, Cochise, Yung Fazo and Joony.

Additionally, Fontaine’s hasn’t been sitting idly by waiting to drop V2. Along with sharing a holdover EP, VW 1.5, in July, Fontaine’s swagger is undeniably gravitating on “HiFi,” “BiCoastal” and “God & Tha Code” — continuing the refined sound Ascension brought to his discography. Stringing together one underground release after another, it’s apparent that the DC native’s forthcoming project will lift listeners higher than ever before.

On his latest release “ILML,” Fontaine relentlessly spits over bouncy, rage-infused production, showcasing a charismatic finesse and an aggressive cadence. With siren synth progressions and quaking 808s, Ty unleashes his inner Trippie Redd — utilizing a gutteral inflection with stacked, melodic ad-libs consistently heard throughout the new wave. Per usual, Fontaine flexes his singing ability more than most, crooning about his lavish lifestyle and ultimately living it to the fullest.

I could make a bag do a backflip if I want to

Crunch time, 40 gon turn him to a hunch dude

I ain’t say nun the bitch dmd me said “I want you”

I wasn’t even see the message I just had a hunch boo

Teslas, Xpills, bet’ not let em finish you

All these drugs I take, you can’t keep up, it Might diminish you

I’m laughin, lil bae think I’m lyin, why would I lie to you?

I love my fuckin life! why would I hide it boo?

Ty Fontaine — “ILML”

TyFontaine Interview: Moving on from Internet Money, rising with ‘Acension’

Sitting down with Our Generation in June, Fontaine has only leveled up since Ascension’s release. Becoming more comfortable and developing his sound with each passing project, Fontaine has the capability to become a mainstream star in a matter of months.

Ultimately, he’s the total package — and it’s only a matter of time before the DC native uncovers his full potential.

Listen to Ty Fontaine’s underground banger “ILML” below!