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Tyla Yaweh drops first solo single of 2021 with ‘Back Outside’

Orlando-raised rapper ready for post-pandemic life on new track.

Tyla Yaweh released fresh single “Back Outside” on Friday (July 16). Although he is a blossoming artist in the hip-hop industry with several big name cosigns, he has not been particularly busy this year.

Coming off a 2020 where he collaborated with Wiz Khalifa, Post Malone, DaBaby, DDG, Dame D.O.L.L.A. (better known as basketball player Damian Lillard) and Gunna, Yaweh has used 2021 to collaborate with smaller artists.

His most recent release, “Got It Like That” with B.I and Destiny Rogers, which dropped on May 14, sees Yaweh give a brief verse on the backend of the sexy, groovy track which is dominated by Rogers’ hook.

Yaweh first began alluding to the new single on July 7, as he tweeted the date “July 16” with no other context.

This turned out to be the eventual release date for “Back Outside,” as he confirmed on Thursday (July 15) on Instagram with a preview of the song’s music video.

“Back Outside” is a two minute and 45 second track where Yaweh excitedly raps on returning to the girls and money that come with his fun-loving lifestyle. The song opens and closes with renditions of the hook, with two verses sandwiching the catchy hook in the middle as well.

Shit, back outside (Woah)

Yeah, back outside (Back outside)

She text me where I’m at, bitch, I’m back outside

“Back Outside” — Tyla Yaweh

Yaweh posted another portion of the song’s visuals with a cameo from seemingly every rapper’s best friend at the moment, Adin Ross. However, the music video has yet to release.

As it mentions in Yaweh’s Twitter bio, he is planning on dropping his debut album RAGERBØY in the near future, so “Back Outside” could be a single for the record. Check out the new track from Tyla Yaweh below.