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Valee, Tony Shhnow time warp to the ’80s on joint track ‘Yo Yo’

Two of the underground’s most championed lyricists in Valee and Tony Shhnow team up for a trip back in time — bringing their signature styles with them.

On “Yo-Yo,” artist and producer MVW strings together a compositional field of ‘80s-inspired sounds and fluttering hi-hats that feels like the musical equivalent of a synthwave screensaver. With Valee taking the reigns with the “yo-yo, yo” chorus, it gives Shhnow the space to dance on the beat a bit, something that MVW’s intentionally loose production is exactly designed for — and it pays off.

MVW and Valee have become a reputable force in the rapper-producer scene; MVW’s knack for simple, post-minimalistic composition matched with Valee’s incomparable wordplay and fluidly experimental flows. Adding Tony Shhnow into the equation is a no-brainer, who decorates much of the synth-laden instrumental with some slower, methodical bars.

His personality is on full display within all of this, rapping about “4-for-4’s” and the understandably perpetual desire for another blunt. MVW leaves just enough space for these artists to also inject their own zealous creativity into the mix, helping craft a lyrical bond filled with casual wit and charisma. The pair’s musical harmony is a keen component of MVW’s artistic vision, with this coming to further fruition on an upcoming collaborative project between them.

“Valee is a perfect match. The way he approaches my beats? He sounds like incense smoke on the mic. I feel like we are creating something that’s going to have a real impact.”

Michael Vincent Waller

Collaborating on a number of singles and albums prior to this, MVW and Valee continue to reach for new soundscapes and vibes, landing in a retro, spacey place on “Yo-Yo.” The duo are rounding up their upcoming collaborative project, which is sure to take us on more stoned sonic adventures.

Check out “Yo-Yo” below!