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Vince Staples New Single 'LAW OF AVERAGES'

Vince Staples drops first single ‘LAW OF AVERAGES’ ahead of self-titled album

Vince Staples drops first single ‘LAW OF AVERAGES’ ahead of self-titled album: Long Beach native releases lead single for first album in three years.

Vince Staples dropped his third studio album FM! in November 2018. With a runtime of only 22 minutes, FM! oozed a summer, fun-loving vibe with its bouncy west coast beats and playful Big Boy Real 92.3 radio station interludes. Features like Ty Dolla $ign, Jay Rock and Kehlani, all of west coast descent, helped lock in the aura of being outside by the beach on a sunny summer day.

Since FM!, Staples has only released a handful of singles. In 2019, he dropped three songs, “So What?,” “Sheet Music” and “Hell Bound,” to accompany his YouTube show “The Vince Staples Show.” “Hell Bound” saw him focus mostly on singing the “hell bound, it’s going down” hook over the groovy, uptempo instrumentation. The track didn’t necessarily align with the aggressive, lyrical nature of his prior music, but still delivered quality songwriting.

Next, Vince Staples featured on various projects in 2020, starting with the deluxe version of Dreamville‘s collective album Revenge of the Dreamers III. He kills his hook and verse on the track with JID and EARTHGANG with high energy flow and Tyler Perry and Halle Berry name-drops.

In May, Staples gave a 23-second impactful verse to Aminé for his Limbo album on the song “Pressure In My Palms” with slowthai.

His most impressive feature came on REASON‘s October album New Beginnings on the song “SAUCE.” His “who got the sauce?” verse included several different rhyme schemes, police disses, and money flexes.

I was ready-ready with the macaroni

Turn him into Makaveli, we be stackin’ fetti (Yeah, yeah)

I don’t ever wanna be a broke boy no more

Sold-out merch, sold-out tour

Mount Rushmore for the real ones, yeah

All my homies done killed some, yeah (Ayy)

“SAUCE (featuring Vice Staples)” — REASON

Now, Vince Staples is back with the single “LAW OF AVERAGES,” which he first announced on Monday, June 14.

The two-and-a-half minute track places Staples’ lyricism on a pedestal with a minimal, stripped back beat partially produced by Kenny Beats. He delivers bars about putting people in their place and him being a medium for life’s natural balance. For those who wrong him, there will be payback. For those he appreciates in his life, there is a limit to his patience with you.

Leave me ‘lone, .44 Stallone, get a nigga gone

Raging Bull, this not Paid in Full but I kill my own

Yes, I love you ’cause you black but don’t love your ass like that

I will put you on a shirt if you fuck me out my racks

“LAW OF AVERAGES” — Vince Staples

Between his “I will never give my money to a bad bitch / you will never catch me slippin’ out in traffic” hooks, Vince’s verses show a poised self-awareness that he does not need to rely on anybody, because not many people can be trusted. Along with this, he inserts his trademark tone of intimidation and swagger into his bars.

Vince Staples sounds very comfortable and confident with this sound, which is a great sign looking forward to his self-titled album, which his Twitter name alludes to being released on July 9.

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