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WATCH: K Suave drops single, music video ‘Kamil’ ahead of new album

With each release, 1400/800 affiliate K Suave continues to build and strengthen his fanbase.

His music โ€” heavy on claps and melodic energetic synths โ€” has allowed him to excel in the sub-genre of hip-hop led by his frequent collaborators Trippie Redd and D Savage. His latest release “Kamil” from Sept. 6, released exclusively on YouTube, certainly helps his cause.

K Suave first teased “Kamil” on Aug. 18, as the video sees him turning up at a function and flex his jewelry with bars like:

Diamonds they hit like a chandelier

I hit your bitch and we all share

“Kamil” — K Suave

Fans of K Suave have been anticipating the release of his upcoming project Sexually Active since he tweeted he was in “album mode” in March.

After releasing the album’s first explosive single “Sexually Active” with Trippie Redd in early May, he set a release date for the album for July 20. He would later delay this release by an entire month, playfully tweeting that he was high when he made the initial announcement.

But the album still has yet to come, although he released two more singles “Cloud9” and “Bipolar” in August.

After dropping “Kamil,” he took to Instagram to kill two birds with one stone. While promoting his latest single, he explained that if his fans got the music video to 100,000 views on YouTube, he would release the album.

The video has currently reached around 20% of that goal in only two days. So, if fans want Sexually Active as bad as they say they do, they should run up “Kamil” as much as possible.