Yung Bans returns with new single ‘Blow Her Back Out’ with KA$HDAMI

Ending his recent drought, Atlanta native Yung Bans linked up with Las Vegas youngster KA$HDAMI on for their new single “Blow Her Back Out.”

The mellow, yet enjoyable production with rhythmic claps comes from the coveted MexikoDro, who most famously provided the instrumentals for Drake‘s 2020 cut “From Florida With Love” and Nebu Kiniza‘s smash hit “Gassed Up.”

Yung Bans rides the beat with ease, reminding listeners of his effortless flow containing bars relating his gun to boxer Manny Pacquiao and providing fun environments comparable to frat parties. The song is also fairly brief, lasting around two minutes and 15 seconds.

After Bans’ two renditions of the repetitive hook and first verse, KA$HDAMI takes center stage for the second verse, as the 16-year-old spits amusing bars as if he just got out of a long day learning in math and history class.

Can’t eat your pussy, it smell like vinegar

My gang complete just like an integer

Might jugg your shit just like I’m Christopher Columbus

These bitches always up to something

I got trust issues, I ain’t cuffing

“Blow Her Back Out” — Yung Bans & KA$HDAMI

“Blow Her Back Out” is Yung Bans’ first release since October 2020, when he linked with Latto for their electric single “Freak Show” and subsequent music video.

We haven’t received a project from Bans since his star-studded July 2019 album MISUNDERSTOOD, but hopefully this latest song alludes to more music on the way in the near future.

Until then, check out Yung Bans new single “Blow Her Back Out” with KA$HDAMI below!

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