Yvngxchris releases long-awaited Lil Yachty collab ‘Damn Homie’

Old guard SoundCloud royalty Lil Yachty continues to bless the new wave of artists emerging out of the underground — joining 17-year-old phenom yvngxchris on a high-powered collaboration.

The two internet-born stars have joined forces on their long-awaited track “Damn Homie.” Opening with Chris’ familiar, unrelenting raspy flow — skating over an uncharacteristically melody-less beat (prod by Decarlo & Blwyrmnd) — later contrasted by way of a high-pitched delivery from a relaxed Yachty.

With “Damn Homie,” Chris is tapping into the increasingly popular trend of crafting a modern-sounding hit around a nostalgic, 2000s-era reference – similar to the way he recently flipped Cam’Ron’s “Oh Boy” into his own “O Boy!” The iconic line, “Damn homie, in high school you was the man homie” was first introduced by 50 Cent on Wankstas in 2002, two years before an aptly-named yvngxchris was born in 2004. Since then, it has become a legendary refrain, recycled countless times by the likes of Missy Elliot, Ice Cube, J Cole, and more – this time flipped to make sense for the still teenage phenom: “In high school b*tch I’m the man, homie”

In addition to Boat, Chris and video director Elan Bia brought in some considerable star power for the highly produced BnB-party music video with two very notable cameos from mysterious new-age tastemaker Zack Bia (who also happens to be related to the video director) and an eye-popping censored appearance from Tana Mongeau. The video also features some incredibly crisp edits, unique VFX and a brand new iPod-themed intro for the underground visual powerhouse, No Soap.

Overall, “Damn Homie” is a fun, hard-hitting track just in time for summer, as yvngxchris is sure to turn this up for fans at live shows — not to mention boasting an important co-sign from Yachty.

Watch Yvngxchris’ “Damn Homie” feat. Lil Yachty 


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