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Zack Fox proves rap chops new album ‘shut the f*** up talking to me’

Zack Fox has proved to be more than just a comedian on his first full-length project, shut the f*** up talking to me. In the midst of over-the-top bars about violence, money and women, Fox is an enigma, managing to create a sound that is both hard-hitting and catchy simultaneously.

Given his standing as a comedian, no one expects anything more than silly, bombastic rhymes from Zack Fox. Simple yet atmospheric instrumentals combined with lyrical gems create an undeniably enjoyable listening experience. Here are some fan favorites.

Production on the project is an fantastic blend of goofy and classy, with a list of contributors comprised of hitmakers such as Kenny Beats and The Alchemist. Since his 2019 hit song “Jesus Is The One” from his appearance on The Cave, music from the comedian has been scarce, yet has always kept a close eye on entering the game in one way or another.

Listeners flocked to listen to his feature on BFB Da Packman’s “Bob and Weave,” proving how his reluctance to enter music has only increased anticipation from a growing fanbase.

Keep an ear to the streets as Zack Fox continues his imitable comedy-rap journey.

Check out Zack Fox’s debut album, ‘shut the f*** up talking to me’ below!