Zillakami croons cold melodies on new single ‘Frosty’

City Morgue, or more specifically Zillakami, has been known for their extremely aggressive style — combining many elements of hardcore punk and hip-hop in their music.

However, Zillakami explores a different path on his latest offering “Frosty”.

Zillakami has started releasing more music on his own accord, with three solo songs to his name in 2021. “CHAINS” was the first of these to be released, complete with a classic Zilla instrumental featuring blaring electric guitar with heavy 808s and a raspy, threatening verse.

Soon after came the long-awaited Lil Uzi Vert collaboration “BADASS,” which had both rappers spit over heavy metal inspired production, with the addition of an old school, west coast key melody. Zillakami resorts to violence yet again on his verse as Uzi brings in a bit of attitude to the track with his autotuned flexing.

“Frosty” is a complete 180-turn from the rest of these songs — venturing further into the realm of grunge that Zillakami has proven himself so fond of. His voice still exudes a raspiness, but with a more mellow and melodic tone. City Morgue’s wild card sings an apology and attempts to heal from the pain of his past in an emotional progression of electric guitar, bass and acoustic drums.

Look forward to future releases from both Zillakami and his group City Morgue as the year goes on.


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