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Chicago native Lucki remains consistent with his newest drop ‘Super Urus’

Consistency is key in any profession, but it is especially important as an artist. While it’s cause to breed success, there’s seemingly no other artist that is as consistent as Chicago native Lucki.

Since the age of 16, he has released a full-length cohesive project every year for the past nine years. After a few successful drops, he was enigmatically dubbed the “underground king” by fans, but those days may soon be coming to an end as he gains more notoriety in the industry.

His most recent album WAKE UP LUCKI soared as high as No. 8 on Apple Music’s “Top Albums” chart, and on Friday (Feb. 18), the artist followed it up with a new single ‘Super Urus‘.

The track was originally titled “Lamb Truck”after Lucki previewed the song for his fans during an Instagram Live in Nov. 2021. Featuring an addictive chorus over a looping beat, Lucki delivers his verse in seemingly effortless fashion, reassuring fans that he hasn’t lost a step.

“I’m in a Lamb truck, who’s stoppin’ me?

I miss that slut, that’s probably

I slime with the snakes, but no opp with me

Hellbound niggas in the car with me

I miss that ho, like honestly

“Super Urus” – Lucki

While there hasn’t been any official confirmation of this track leading to a new project, fans can rely on Lucki’s consistency over the years and expect a new project in 2022.

Listen to Lucki’s Super Urus below!