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Cochise indulges in ‘Creme Brulee’ on new single

Within the month-long hiatus between the U.S. and International legs of his “THE INSPECTION TOUR,” Cochise decided to bless his fans once again before getting back on the road.

Just about five months removed from his most recent studio album THE INSPECTION, the Floridian released his brand new single “Creme Brulee” on Nov. 11.

Coming out nearly two weeks after he first teased the song on Oct. 30 when it was first titled “We Do Not Relate,” “Creme Brulee” sees Cochise return to form in a major way. Lasting under two minutes long, the track includes a charming piano opening and quickly transitions into raging synths and choppy, energetic refrain from Chise.

Stop it, uh, huh, what? Stop it, huh
Pop it, huh, yeah, rock it
Okay, pop it
Huh, yeah, block it
Huh, pop it
Tell ’em, tell ’em, tell ’em (Okay)
Yeah, uh, yeah
We do not relate (‘Late)
We do not relate (‘Late)
We do not relate (‘Late)
I eat crème brûlée (‘Late)

“Creme Brulee” — Cochise

All throughout the song, Cochise’s “you broke, stop it” message rings true, as his creme brûlée dinners triumph over the “eighty-dollar steaks” that his adversaries dine on. As for the visuals, themes of blue dominate the aesthetic, whether it be his vibrant blue hoodie or his blue sky and deep blue sea backdrops.

While Cochise has made it abundantly clear that he has no plans to drop an another project in the near future, it’s satisfying to see him still at the top of his game, especially during a time where he could be relaxing during the month he has away from tour.

Check out “Creme Brulee” by Cochise below!