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Daniel Caeser to drop third studio album ‘Never Enough’ in April

Daniel Caeser has a knack for bringing you to the edge of your seat. Known for luscious, bedroom R&B sonnets, his sound simply ages like fine wine — remaining timeless no matter the era.

Six years since his GRAMMY-nominated debut album Freudian, the renowned Toronto vocalist has become an anomaly within the genre. Ahead of his third full-length LP, NEVER ENOUGH — which is set for release on April 7 — Caeser shared the record’s two lead tracks “Do You Like Me?” (Jan. 27) and “Let Me Go” (Feb. 10) to lead in his long-awaited return.

Slow-burning percussion and contemplative electric guitars back Caeser’s transporting falsetto on “Let Me Go.” “I’m not leadin‘ you on, I’m leavin’ you behind… Baby won’t you let me go?”, he lifts listeners into oblivion on the hook — discussing how he’s “not afraid of manipulation,” but has run out of patience for his lover. He’s focusing on himself, realizing how “messy” his relationship got as he strives to break away before “my time expires.”

It’s a counteract to the emotions found on “Do You Like Me?”, where questions circle Caeser’s mind as he croons over flanger-dripped guitars, dreamily sauntering in between punchy drums and heavenly background vocals. “Do you like the way I talk to you? / Gotta say I love your attitude / And I’d love to make you mine / I wanna be in love again,” he sings on the intro, inviting his love interest closer with doubt still surrounding his feelings.

The visual paints a clearer picture of his intentions, striving to rewrite the wrongs his past has plagued him with. However, the frustration and fight that ensues says otherwise. An ode to the freshly-lit flame love entraps you in, it’s wistful thinking that feels like teenage butterflies — whispering sweet nothings that ultimately leave him shut out.

Charismatic and charming, he sounds as if he’s at a bended knee with lines like, “Will we end up together? / Will you have my kids, you better.” His voice swoons with a melting high-pitch: “At first I was f**king your friend, but I really wanted you.” Toxic as it may seem, it sees him trying to close the gap between him and his lover to no avail.

Penning poetic journal entries and contributing to Lil Yachty’s Let’s Start Here in the meantime, it’s apparent the follow-up to CASE STUDY 01 (2019) will be more inward-looking than ever for Caeser.

Daniel Caeser’s third studio album, NEVER ENOUGH, is slated for release on April 7. Pre-order here.

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Watch the album teaser below!