DC The Don plays the ‘Blame Game’ on new SoundCloud exclusive single

In the midst of the months-long rollout for his upcoming My Own Worst Enemy deluxe album and next studio album Stop Being So Nice, DC The Don has been feeding his fans consistently. After dropping music videos for “Telfar” and “Diamonds & Rubies,” both of which landed on MOW3 in February, Donny is back to releasing new music.

Back on July 18, DC tweeted two dates that he alluded to being important release dates as the summer winded down, one being July 29 and the other being Aug. 5. When Friday (July 29) rolled around, he kept his promise by releasing his brand new single “Blame Game,” exclusively available on SoundCloud with a music video uploaded to YouTube.

There are number of tidbits to note at the beginning of the visuals, as he left a couple of notes before the start of the effect-filled, fish eye lens video taken from inside and outside of a museum.

The first text shown on the screen reads “SBSN,” the abbreviation for Donny’s highly-anticipated upcoming album. While Stop Being So Nice is also the name of DC’s clothing brand, this could also potentially allude to the fact that “Blame Game” could land on the album.

However, the next message Donny provides is that his label did not allow him to clear the sample from hyperpop artist Anamanaguchi, as the beat from Louie OnTheKeys utilizes their upbeat track “Water Resistant” in the bridge of “Blame Game.” Without this clearance and a proper budget for the release, Donny and his crew put the song and video together as organically as they could.

So, while a sample clearance hurdle would be a necessary obstacle to overcome for “Blame Game” to land on SBSN, the new cut is worth fans’ attention either way. Utilizing his unmatched charisma and versatile vocal range, DC verses and expansive hook see him take command of his life, regardless of the paparazzi and his adverse upbringing.

Look at DC, he came out the ghetto (Ayy)

Look at DC, he came out the gutter

I’m only a Don, she treat me like a Pharaoh

Your b*tch overrated, you gotta do better

She inchin’ on heels like she tryna be J. Lo

I hit it one time, send her back to the meadows (Go)

“Blame Game” — DC The Don

With “Blame Game” now available, Donny’s fans now have their sights set on this upcoming Friday (Aug 5), as his long, but rewarding summer rollout keeps chugging along.

Check out DC The Don’s latest single below!


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